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Airhead Academy is a dating sim inspired by traditional visual novels with the added twist of bimbofication being an option. The characters are humanized versions of characters you may already be familiar with. However, even if you don’t recognize the characters, or if you're not into bimbofication, you can still enjoy the content and story as long as you like cute girls.


It's your first year of college and a mysterious amulet has given you the power to bimbofy girls that get close to you. Score! Now the choice is yours: date the girls you meet as they are or turn them into bimbo sluts?

Date a girl inspired by a universe you may be familiar with. This is essentially a remake of the original Airhead Academy in a new engine. The old transformation scenes and art are viewable as secrets


Like any typical dating sim, answer questions as you spend time a girl. What you choose will determine if she stays with you to the end or leaves you behind in the friendzone.

Or... bimbofy her and make her hotter and hornier with each transformation! If you do, will you let her keep her desires or make her mindlessly dependent on you? Your choices will influence the outcome!


Our discord server: https://discord.gg/JSBCUqajkN

Changelog Release 1.3.0 (16.09.2022)

  • Added Cheerilee's bimbo story 2, 3 and 4
  • Added Cheerilee transformation sequence 3 to 4 and Harshwhinny transformation sequence 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and 3 to 4
  • Added the ability to skip Cheerilee's story to the latest version
  • Switched to Ren'py version 7.5.3


  • Fixed multiple spelling mistakes
  • Fixed saves for 1.3.0

Project Contributors

Additional information

The scenes that are shown in the secrets are from the older version of this game which you can check it out here: https://nomsar.itch.io/chs

Secrets can be found by clicking on things found in the maps.

Install instructions

To install, simply unzip the folder inside the archive using a program like 7-zip and then after you go inside the extracted folder click on the executable.

Simply download the .apk file and install it.
(Note: You may have to authorize installing unknown apps)

NOTICE: If you want to load a save from an older version of the game, to avoid getting errors, please save inside the bedroom in the old version of the game, then load the save in the new version of the game.


Airhead Academy (Windows, Linux) 664 MB
Version 1.3.0 82 days ago
Airhead Academy (Mac) 630 MB
Version 1.3.0 82 days ago
Airhead Academy (Android) 665 MB
Version 1.3.0 82 days ago
Airhead Academy (Web)
Get older versions here

Development log


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(sorry bad english )  When will the new version of the game be released ?

Deleted 15 days ago

Sometime next month

I cant enter the discord server it says that is expired can someone help me?

(1 edit)

What is your discord username? (without the code) I have replaced the invite tho just in-case.

(1 edit)

AndreiBoy022 its my username on discord 

(1 edit)

Have you managed to get in? Try using this invite https://discord.gg/JSBCUqajkN

No its still saying that is expired

(1 edit)

Have you verified your discord account on your email?

are there animations?

There are lengthy transformation transitions for each transformation stage but I don't think you can call them animations. They are still really good imo.

im having a bug that makes the sprites distort, the upper part will be in the center of the screen and the lower half will be moved to some other part of the screen

(1 edit)

That is an issue due to either outdated GPU drivers or something to do with your GPU. To fix this issue while in-game press Shift + G and choose another renderer and also please update to a newer GPU driver. Hope this helps!

thanks for the info will try

Did it fix the issue?


i still havent gotten around to trying it, i have too much to do.

will update when i try


will ashmandi change anymore?

Will the next update push Cheerilee and Harshwinny to Max Bimbo?

I can't promise anything.

who's gonna be after harshwhinn? if you don't know mind if i make a suggestion? also love this game :)


How do you transform Harshwhinn

(1 edit)

Get on Cheerilee's bimbo path by transforming her 3 times and then you will be able to transform Harshwhinny. Harshwhinny is tied to Cheerilee's story.


great game, it is very fun waiting for an update, and when one comes, hoo boi it is like christmas morning.


Glad you enjoy it!

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Will we see the return of the descriptive images that go along with the words and show character actions like the original transformations did?


You mean have transformations like the original Airhead Academy? We won't do transformations like those anymore because they were too time consuming and the artist Annon has limited time since they have to work on their patreon. Everyone works for free on this Airhead Academy remake.


I hope the next update pushes Cheerilee to Max Bimbo!
Btw, how come after Twilight goes full Bimbo, we can't interact at her house or sugarcube cafe?

Oh, and any chance of the player getting to "tie the knot" with the bimbos?

1. Sadly the next update won't push Cheerilee to the max. There is a bunch of content to do considering Cheerilee and Harshwhinny go together on the same path meaning double the transformations we have to do.

2. After you go full bimbo you her and you finish her story there is currently no more story afterwards.

3. We will see when that happens.


The concept of the game is really cool and I mostly like it. It's just the MLP names are really putting me off..

how do I have sex with ashmadia?

You can't at the moment.


you my friends are a group of geniuses for fulfilling such a niche 


Niche is a polite way to describe it. It's certainly not my niche. I guess I just don't go for bimbos. Interesting initial concept though.

Well even if you don't enjoy bimbofication and like transformations I think it's still pretty nice. The transformations don't go too extreme like I've seen on other creators to that similar content.


Got as far as I can (I think), hoping Cherilee's bimboification is as fun as Twilight's! I do hope so, I like Cherilee a bit more than Twilight. :) 


Glad you liked it! Hopefully the next update will come out this week. Had some personal issues so couldn't deliver it sooner.

Are there any plans for the game after you finish all of cherilee and twilights routes?

We will see honestly.

When are they updated? I was looking forward to Cheerilee.

By the way, does anyone know how to get its route? Because I know he asks me for love points, but I always get Twilight points.

After you talk to Twilight at least once you can then start talking to Cheerilee during the afternoon to get to her route.


No win 1.10 download?  I'm only seeing mac, linux, android and web...

It's windows + linux


ah, ok.  thanks for the clarification.


can we get an option for the changes to only be physical (I.E. the characters only get the body of a bimbo, not the mind)?

Oh i thought of something interesting if you can date ashmadia

For future updates


Can there be a bimbo pet or harem route


Will ever be a version for android or ios just asking this game issofun so having it anywhere would be awesome


You will hear about this soon :P



ouhhh perfect so glad to heard about it 😁😁😁


The android port is out


let's go imma dowload later toniggt 😁😁😁


Hey there! Back in the day, I helped do some writing for this game! Now that it's back underway again, I'd like to once more offer my services. Are you still looking for writers?


Hey! Join our discord so we can talk.


Here is the invite: https://discord.gg/JB6NJ3dFBk

Worry not, the Psychoboy you connected to on Discord is me! The one with the cool fantasy cyborg pfp!


What exactly is the basis for the updates to this game? If there is a regular basis.

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I think the next update should come probably in around 2 weeks or so maybe but no promises. Multiple volunteers are working on this game for free in their spare time so there isn't a set date for things in general. For more info on our progress you can check out our discord server.

Thanks for playing our game!


Will there be pregnancy in this game, or is it bimbofication only?


At the moment we only have part of the vanilla story route implemented but you can still transform the character twice. There are also extra hidden transformation sequences which you can find around the map by clicking things (which are from the old game). The bimbofication story route will be added in the next version.
About the pregnancy content, we currently have nothing planned in regards to that but if something changes we will announce it.

Thanks for playing the game!


I love to see bimbofication games. But personally also hope that in game gonna be impregnation and pregnancy? Like you know so at the end we can see lovely family with kids)


i keep getting "soon" every time try to bimbofy "soon" talk to twilight "soon" any help or is it just a glitch



"Soon" means end of the content.